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C3's Top 4 Must-Reads on Becoming a Shipper of Choice

Welcome to C3 Solutions' Top Must-Reads series - Volume 4.

This is the fourth of a 7 blogs series featuring C3's selection of of the top must-reads on various supply chain and logistics hot topics: Cloud Supply Chain Systems, The Internet of Things, Chain of Responsibility, Becoming a Shipper of Choice, Technology Reshaping the Modern Supply Chain, Yard Management & Dock Scheduling systems and best practices.

Our last Top Must-Reads (Volume 3) covered our most popular resources and blog posts on Cloud Supply Chain Systems.


For this Top Must-Reads Volume 4, we have gathered four of our most popular resources and blog posts related to Becoming a Shipper of Choice and Carrier Friendly.



Here's C3's Top 4 Must-Reads on Becoming a Shipper of Choice


1 - Becoming a Shipper of Choice - WHITE PAPER

The driver shortage has seriously contributed to a tightening of the transportation market and shippers are now being forced to compete for carriers’ services.  In order to keep their transportation costs under control and be efficient, shippers will need to review their modus operandi if they want to sustain and grow their bottom line.

Download this White Paper to learn:

  • The current challenges in a tightening transportation market.
  • What will the future hold?
  • Effective strategies to make yourself attractive to your carriers.
  • How to evaluate your carrier relationship?

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2 - 3 Key Tips to Becoming a Shipper of Choice

There are many blogs and advertisements out there that provide recommendations about how to become a shipper of choice. What makes this blog different is that it is a summary of advice obtained from logistics professionals i.e. our customers. The conversations we’ve had with these people are so practical and down to earth that we wanted to share them with you.

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3 - Carrier Review - On the Road to Becoming a Shipper of Choice

The intangible value of cultivating and nurturing your carrier partners as integral to your business cannot be underestimated. Taking the time to make this a formal process, with benchmarks and regular reviews will pay off in goodwill, easy relations and ultimately better rates for your freight.

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4 - Dock Scheduling: 3 Factors Impacting your Relationship with Carriers

Are you seeing that your dock appointment scheduling process, or lack thereof, could be part of the reason carriers dislike (avoid) delivering or picking-up at your facility?  It most certainly can!

This blog post identifies 3 determining factors that could negatively impact relationships with your carriers and practical tips on how to mitigate each of them.

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