7 Distribution Technology Trends Worth Discussing

Posted by Cerasis on Oct 17, 2016 1:56:58 PM


This is a guest blog from our Adam Robinson at Cerasis. In this blog, Adam outlines 7 distribution technology trends and how they will impact future operations.

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C3's Top 4 Must-Reads: Technology and the Modern Supply Chain

Posted by Elise Crevier on Oct 4, 2016 11:49:08 AM

Welcome to C3 Solutions' Top Must-Reads series - Volume 7.

This is the last of a 7 blogs series featuring C3's selection of of the top must-reads on various supply chain and logistics hot topics: Cloud Supply Chain Systems, The Internet of Things, Chain of Responsibility, Becoming a Shipper of Choice, Technology Reshaping the Modern Supply Chain, Yard Management & Dock Scheduling systems and best practices.

Our last Top Must-Reads (Volume 6) covered our most popular resources and blog posts on Chain of Responsibility in the Supply Chain.


For this Top Must-Reads Volume 7, we have gathered our most popular resources and blog posts related to technology and how it is reshaping the modern supply chain.

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BYOD - Putting Mobile Devices to Work

Posted by Greg Braun on Sep 27, 2016 10:59:05 AM


What do at least 70 percent of your workers likely bring with them every day when they report to work? Here's a hint: if they're millennials, it's more like 85 percent. [1]

You know it: The correct answer is their smartphone.

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5 Future Applications of the Industrial Internet of Things in Manufacturing & Logistics

Posted by Cerasis on Sep 23, 2016 1:54:47 PM


Note: This is a guest blog from our Adam Robinson at Cerasis. In this blog, Adam discusses the opportunities of the Internet of Things for the logistics and manufacturing industries. 

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Topics: Supply Chain, internet of things, IoT, logistics

Supply Chain Fast Moving Technology: The Cost of Inaction

Posted by Greg Braun on Sep 14, 2016 2:17:28 PM

Knowing when it's time to invest in new technology for your business is sometimes easy—a system fails, or you have a new line of business that requires a change.

But other opportunities for a tech upgrade may be lost if you are not specifically looking for ways to improve operations. When business is ticking along, issues getting managed and deliverables being met on time, why look any further?

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Big Data - Befriending the Supply Chain Hitman

Posted by Greg Braun on Sep 2, 2016 2:58:45 PM

Big Data. The term conjures up some kind of scary hitman who's ready to take you down. "Watch your back, or Mister Big Data will get you!"

It's a warning many supply chain execs have taken to heart. The amazing quantity of information now available to inform and improve operations has truly gained their attention.

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Topics: Yard Management, dock scheduling, Supply Chain, SaaS supply chain systems, internet of things, IoT, Big Data