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Top 10 Supply Chain Experts to Follow

Considering the volatility of supply chain markets, stakeholders across the world are increasingly coming to terms with the impact of optimizing their value chains on their bottom and top lines. This has led to the enormous popularity of the supply chain management community. 

The phrase "supply chain management" was initially coined by Keith Oliver in 1982, and since then, a great deal of thought leadership has been added to our space. Growing global trade has added to the industry’s complexity, making insights from supply chain experts valuable to navigating supply and demand networks.

In this article, we will cover some of the leading supply chain gurus who discuss innovation, highlight strategies, and drop valuable insights that could substantially impact your supply chain operations. Follow these thought leaders to keep your operations at the forefront of the supply chain management curve, enhancing your professional growth and the effectiveness of your operations.

Lora Cecere


Lora Cecere founded Supply Chain Insights and is famous for her understanding of Supply Chain strategy and analytics. For over 30 years, she's assisted businesses in coping with the complexities of supply chain management.

Lora collaborates with supply chain leaders to elevate team performance. Her firm, Supply Chain Insights, spearheads groundbreaking supply chain research. Passionate about writing, she authors the "Supply Chain Shaman" blog, focusing on enterprise software for supply chain excellence.

Lora has penned influential books, "Bricks Matter" and "Metrics that Matter." Her 35 years of experience include roles at Gartner Group and AMR Research and leadership positions at Manugistics and Descartes Systems Group.

Outside of work, Lora enjoys ballet, triathlon training, and textile arts like quilting and knitting.

Key Strengths and Expertise of Lora:

  • Strategy for the Supply Chain
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making Using Analytics
  • Innovation in Supply Chain Management


Craig Fuller

Graig Fuller


Craig Fuller, the CEO and founder of FreightWaves, is a media and information services executive focusing on transportation's future. His extensive trucking and freight business knowledge has transformed how companies use information to enhance their supply chain activities.

FreightWaves' work, providing real-time information and promoting insights, has empowered businesses to make competitive, informed choices.

Key Strengths and Expertise of Craig:

  • Analytics for Logistics and Freight
  • Insights into Real-Time Markets
  • Supply Chain Optimization


Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzale

Adrian Gonzalez, the principal and president of Adelante SCM, is a highly regarded voice in the industry. His practical approach to supply chain problems and his ability to translate complex ideas into practical strategies instill confidence in his expertise.

Adrian Gonzalez is known for his strategic advisory role with high-level executives across the manufacturing, retail, logistics, and tech sectors. He is the founder and host of Talking Logistics, an online video talk show featuring industry thought leaders. Adrian also established Indago, a market research community for supply chain professionals, and Adelante SCM, a platform for young supply chain professionals.

His career includes roles as an adjunct instructor at Northeastern University and a product development manager at Motorola, Clare, and Polaroid. His specialties include supply chain management, logistics, transportation management, and peer-to-peer learning.

Adrian's research, writings, and consulting work offer invaluable insights that can be readily applied in any company's supply chain operations.

Key Strengths and Expertise of Adrian:

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Research
  • Practical Solutions for Supply Chain Challenges
  • Thought Leadership in Supply Chain Management


Cathy Morrow Roberson

Cathy Morrow Roberson

Cathy Morrow Roberson brings a wealth of logistics and freight forwarding expertise. Her research identifies emerging trends and offers practical intelligence to enhance the efficiency and overall performance of the supply chain.

Cathy founded Logistics Trends & Insights LLC, a firm dedicated to comprehensive research and analysis for various supply chain initiatives. Her expertise spans competitive analysis, new product development, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, strategic company guidance, marketing, IT needs, and more. Her insights are widely recognized and featured in numerous reports, consulting projects, and publications.

Cathy is active on social media, where she shares real-time industry news and analysis. Follow her on Twitter @cmroberson06 and her company @LogisticsTI, and visit her company's website for the latest updates.

Key Strengths and Expertise of Cathy:

  • Market Analysis in Logistics and Freight Forwarding
  • Identifying Emerging Trends
  • Strategic Insights for Supply Chain Efficiency


Bob Ferrari

Bob Ferrari

Bob Ferrari is the creator and executive editor of Supply Chain Matters, an essential blog about worldwide supply chain management. He offers a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities affecting supply chains today and a wealth of planning, strategy, and technology expertise.

Bob is a seasoned supply chain manager, consultant, and technology marketing executive with extensive multi-functional experience. He specializes in helping organizations implement and maintain agile and responsive global supply chain processes and advanced technologies. Bob has managed various aspects of supply chain operations and assisted technology firms in developing and marketing innovative software. He has also supported organizations in ERP, supply chain planning, procurement, customer service, S&OP, and CRM business processes, leveraging his diverse expertise to drive operational excellence.

Bob's critical approach and extensive knowledge of the worldwide supply chain environment make him an invaluable resource for professionals looking to remain in the know and make strategic choices.

Key Strengths and Expertise of Bob:

  • Supply Chain Strategy and Planning
  • Technology in Supply Chain Management
  • Global Supply Chain Insights


Jim Tompkins

Jim Tompkins

Jim Tompkins is a leader in supply chain management. His strategic and revolutionary thinking has transformed many businesses, helping them attain operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Starting fifteen businesses that have generated over USD 2bn in revenue worldwide, he's had a 50-year career marked by entrepreneurship. Jim is known for simplifying tough issues and bringing order out of chaos, so he founded Tompkins Ventures in 2020 for worldwide hands-on solutions and Tompkins Leadership in 2022 for Leadership development and organizational transformation. He also developed the international consulting firm Tompkins International. Jim is a thought leader in the area, having written thirty-one books and provided over 2,000 worldwide presentations.

Jim's distinguished career spanning over four decades is a testament to the transformative power of supply chain management.

Key Strengths and Expertise of Jim:

  • Supply Chain Consulting and Implementation
  • Innovative Supply Chain Strategies
  • Operational Excellence


Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson is the president and Founder of LMA Consulting Group, Inc., which focuses on supply chain planning, administration, and transformation.

Manufacturers and distributors rely on Lisa to enhance customer experience and drive profitable growth. With a rich background in advising private-equity-backed and multi-billion dollar organizations across various industries, she excels at creating bold customer promises and achieving rapid operational improvements.

SAP and Washington Frank recognize Lisa as a top supply chain and ERP influencer. She speaks at major conferences and has been featured in prominent publications. Before founding LMA Consulting Group Inc., she was Vice President of Operations at PaperPak, guiding the company through significant transformations.

Lisa is a dependable advisor to numerous companies and has experience in process improvement, inventory control, and demand preparation.

Key Strengths and Expertise of Lisa:

  • Supply Chain Strategy and Operations
  • Demand Planning and Inventory Management
  • Process Improvement


Kevin O'Meara

Kevin OMeara

Kevin O'Meara is an experienced supply chain executive with significant experience leading worldwide supply chain activities. He has held several senior management positions across different industries and led major supply chain transformations, which resulted in substantial cost savings.

Kevin is known for his global supply chain strategy expertise, logistics network design and execution, transportation management, and procurement. His focus includes designing integrated sales and operations planning (S&OP) strategies and their alignment with logistics execution. Kevin has led supply chain strategies for a Fortune 100 company and transformed an automotive service parts logistics network into a world-class operation. Kevin is an experienced leader recognized for his ability to implement leading strategies and deliver tangible results. His educational background includes training in Six Sigma and studies at Cornell University, the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh, and Harvard Business School.

Kevin is renowned for his ability to create highly effective teams and implement innovative solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain.

Key Strengths and Expertise of Kevin:

  • Global Supply Chain Operations
  • Supply Chain Transformation
  • Cost Savings and Efficiency


Sheri Hinish

Sheri Hinish

Sheri Hinish is committed to making a meaningful impact on her clients, colleagues, partners, and communities. As Principal and Global Consulting Sustainability Technology + Ecosystems Leader at EY, she aids customers in designing future-fit enterprises and ecosystems with a focus on sustainability-led transformation. Previously, she led Sustainability Services and alliances at IBM, emphasizing sustainable supply chains and circularity.

Known as the "Supply Chain Queen," Sheri is a trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies, recognized for her leadership in sustainability and digital supply chain transformation. Her numerous accolades include being named in the Top 100 Women in Sustainability and Supply Chain (2024) and a Top 50 Influencer in Sustainability by Onalytica (2023).

Sheri hosts the "Supply Chain Revolution" podcast, promoting digital literacy, STEM education, and sustainable development. She lectures in Sustainability at the University of Arkansas and holds a Masters from Harvard University in Sustainability + Liberal Arts. Her credentials include an MS in Supply Chain Management from Rutgers University, a Mini-MBA in Digital Supply Chain, and a BS in Business, Supply Chain Management from the University of Maryland. Additionally, she is an IBM Industry Academy Expert, Project Management Professional (PMP), and Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt.

Key Strengths and Expertise of Sheri:

  • Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Innovation and Digital Transformation
  • Resilience in Supply Chain Management


Daniel Stanton

Daniel Stanton

Daniel Stanton, known as "Mr. Supply Chain," is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and empowering people globally in supply chain and project management. With over 25 years of experience across various industries and roles, he leverages his expertise as a LinkedIn Learning instructor, Udemy premium instructor, Techstars startup founder, and IBM supply chain futurist. He authored the best-seller Supply Chain Management For Dummies.

Stanton holds a Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from MIT, is pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration in Logistics from Cranfield University, and has multiple supply chain and project management certifications. His mission is to optimize, innovate, and transform supply chains in the digital era, creating value and solving problems to make a positive impact worldwide.

Daniel's experience includes different areas of supply chain management, such as logistics, procurement, and risk management. He is well-known in the industry for his valuable insights and ability to simplify complicated concepts.

Daniel's Key Strengths and Expertise:

  • Supply Chain Education and Training
  • Logistics and Procurement
  • Risk Management


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