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Supply Chain Tech Evaluation: How to Navigate Volatility With Tech That Builds Resilience

Technology has grown more widespread than ever before in today’s supply chains and there is a lot that is new to consider. The influence of supply chain tech reverberates through every possible area, ranging from processing and tracking to invoicing and customer service. It enables logistics managers to embrace a fully integrated, visible, and efficient supply built upon digitization and automation. The single most significant benefit from modern supply chain innovation and technology is the ability to quickly and easily navigate volatile markets and handle disruptions. Good technology and proper utilization of such helps build resilience and scalability within the dock management network.

Problems That Volatility Poses for Supply Chain Managers and Signs Current Tech Is Falling Short

Supply chain tech makes it easier to organize and collaborate with these disparate partners and third-party service providers, as seen with recent shifts in market trends. One of the most apparent trends seen today in the supply chain industry is the massive yet seemingly universal shift in how consumption patterns and consumer demands have changed and morphed recently. Dock scheduling managers were forced to scramble to convert production lines from bulk warehouses and carriers to smaller, more contractual-focused shippers.

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In some cases, businesses had to downsize in some areas, while companies in other regions had to scramble to meet demands. Inefficient use of technology or reliance on outdated processes and resources often leads to missed opportunities, inadequate response, and lack of growth during the most volatile times. This is where supply chain-specific technology can help reduce the impact market instability brings to the dock scheduling and maintenance process.

The Necessity of Automation and Innovation Through Implementation and Management

The first step to improving supply chain functionality acknowledges the need for supply chain tech and innovation. After that comes the evaluation and implementation process. According to Forbes, supply chain managers and transportation service providers actively bolster current systems and processes with automation, AI,  and machine-guided platforms. Whether embracing step-by-step upgrades and integrating or launching a fully digitized supply chain dashboard or platform, evaluation and implementation are essential. 

For managers, excellence in supply chain management is how they differentiate themselves. The key is to perform routine performance checks and compare data points to look for improvement areas. Evaluating current system protocols and implementing improved processes can help set supply chains apart from the competition by demonstrating a tech-savvy approach to shipping and logistics with dock managing processes. 

Yard_Management_ChecklistTips for Navigating Volatile Markets and Dealing With Disruptions Effectively Through Supply Chain Tech

Technology within the supply chain can benefit from some practical applications of innovative technology. The supply chain network can maximize the benefits by applying supply chain tech to the following areas:

  • Tracking processes and reporting— Improve the way individual packages, orders, pallets, loads, and trucks are tracked and monitored with real-time tech and tools.
  • Supply chain planning and collaboration— Make it easier to collaborate and form strong partnerships with vendors and other suppliers to boost shipping services.
  • Delivery coordination and invoicing—Dealing with delays and tweaks to delivery or schedules as needed with fast and innovative coordination tools on demand.
  • Records and data management improvements—Enhanced methods of paperless bills, invoicing, and delivery confirmation to reduce mistakes and disruptions.
  • Supply chain analytics and processes—Track profits and losses across multiple data points with real-time tracking and analytics throughout the supply chain.
  • Distribution and fulfillment negotiation—Respond to problems in real-time with up-to-date information and error-free communications, and updated data points.
  • Transportation reporting and monitoring—Know where every order is and keep trucks moving more efficiently to keep capacity maximized and profits high.

Embrace Supply Chain Tech Evaluation Practices and Secure Future Growth

Technology has become more common and influential than ever in the daily operations of a modern-day supply chain. The influence of supply chain tech impacts every aspect of transportation and logistics management. Through insightful evaluation and routine managerial practices, dock scheduling can be strengthened and improved upon, even during times of unprecedented disruption and volatility. Request a C3 Solutions demo to enable more resiliency in your freight network.

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