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Is your current dock scheduling system obsolete?
Here are 8 symptoms and 8 solutions.

Your Dock Is A Mess

Manage your priorities

C3 Reservations ensures that all appointments respect your operations’ constraints, priorities and service levels.

You Have No Visibility

You decide who sees what in real-time – all the time!

C3 Reservations monitors and measures your operation with real-time and flexible reports.

You Pay Too Much!

Maximize your resources!

C3 Reservations’ capacity model balances your dock workload so you can accurately plan your labor and equipment needs

Driver wait times are costing you money

Smooth out the traffic flow

Eliminate detention fines and save time by ensuring trucks arrive on time and in the desired sequence.

Unchain your scheduling team

Manage your priorities

C3 Reservations is a web-based scheduling system, available 24/7 that automates communication between all parties

You Have Strained Relations With Carriers & Suppliers

Respect your partners - save time and $$!

C3 Reservations’ self-serve portal provides your carriers with the flexibility they want while compliance and scorecarding ensure they respect the standards of your operations.

You're not meeting health & safety requirements

Enforce accountability, go paperless

Reduce manual and hazardous processes with effective paperless communication and compliance tools.

You're still using manual processes in an increasingly digital world

Apply mobile technology at your site

The newest mobile technology available allows your staff to access all aspects of your scheduling and yard screens without needing to download dedicated apps.

Adapt or Get Left Behind

C3 Constantly Integrates the Latest Technologies

Our system will always have the fastest, user-friendly and most performant systems in the market.


    Mobile: anywhere, anytime

    Automate Your Operations

    Using the C3 Hub Progressive Web Application on their mobile devices, warehouse and yard personnel can easily capture time stamps related to arrival, on dock and departure times.

    The C3's Progressive Web Application is compatible with ANY mobile device.

    Mobile- Anywhere, Anytime

    Flexible constraint model

    Don't Dumb Down Your Operations to Fit Your Software

    Can't find a product that can accommodate your unique dock scheduling requirements? You're not alone! Most companies’ scheduling rules & policies are either found in a disorganized binder or the scheduler's head. C3 Reservations allows you to translate all your constraints and exceptions into clear and concise rules.

    It can be as simple as the number of pallets per shift to complex logic tying load types, PO’s, product descriptions and more; C3 Reservations does it all. This means all your rules are now automatically enforced eliminating the need to manually process special appointments and exceptions.

    Flexible constraint model

    Standing appointments

    Reserve Capacity Ahead of Time

    A typical scheduling system sometimes allows you to reserve a time for a given carrier or supplier. C3 Reservations goes a step beyond and also allows you to reserve physical capacity and restrict the load content of the allocated time.

    Your carrier or supplier doesn't use its reserved slot? No problem! Configurable expiration dates can free up the reserved slot, allowing others to use this slot.

    Standing appointments

    Rule based duration

    Maximize Capacity by Accurately Calculating Duration

    If a fixed or average appointment time doesn’t work for your business, then our rule-based appointment duration time tool is for you. C3 Reservations comes with a natural-language based rule system that allows you to compute accurate unloading times by including all the subtleties of shipments.

    Accurate unload times can only mean better labor forecasting and a more precise dock door scheduling.

    Rule based duration

    Flexible automation

    Automate Your Operations

    C3 Reservations offers a fully automated system where every request that fits within your schedule and constraints can be automatically processed without any user intervention. The level of automation, however, is customizable; allowing you to gradually ramp up the automation features while you’re using the system.

    For example, you’ll be able to automate your top tier carriers and vendors while keeping a hands-on control over your lower tier.


    Operational reports

    Document and Communicate Your Results

    C3 Reservations includes a flexible built-in reporting tool for which users can be granted a read-only, edit or admin access. Reports can be created and exported directly from the application.

    Customers may also choose to schedule a daily extract of their data to be integrated with their other reporting systems.

    Operational Reports


    Manage All Your Sites From One Location

    You need to schedule to your stores, your warehouses, your dock doors and your third-party locations? No problem! C3 Reservations supports an unlimited number of sites and warehouses across multiple time zones. All this with distinct capacity management and user access.

    This means you can either centralize or decentralize your scheduling, respect regional requirements and obtain enterprise-wide visibility.


    Automated notifications

    Keep Them in the Loop

    Every action in C3 Reservations can trigger an email notification. You chose which parties receive any of these events.

    Furthermore, you can customize the contents and language of all these notices. If that doesn't keep them in the loop, nothing will!

    Automated notifications

    Document attachments

    A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

    Sometimes, a screen is not enough to capture all the information that is pertinent to an appointment. C3 Reservations allows users to attach any type of file to an appointment, be they packing slips, bill of ladings, load integrity pictures, etc.

    Plus, security restrictions can be applied to document types so that only authorized parties can view them.

    Document attachments

    Global visibility

    What's Up?

    With an unlimited number of users, you can give a controlled access to any one that needs to see anything in C3 Reservations.

    No more calls from customer service, purchasing or anyone else. They simply login and retrieve information in real-time.

    Global visibility


    Keep in Sync!

    Take C3 Reservations to the next level by integrating data with your other information systems, be they ERP, WMS, or TMS.

    Whether you need to extract data out of C3 Reservations or to push data into it, our system offers a wide variety of different integration options that will fit your capabilities with minimal (if any!) IT involvement.


    Quality Assurance

    You Can't Improve What You Can't Measure

    For companies who are not satisfied with simply measuring on-time deliveries and relevant KPI’s related to appointments scheduling, C3 Reservations permits the dock manager to capture faults configured to match the merchandising policy.

    The audit functionality also allows setting up a disciplined audit of loads in accordance with personalized business requirements.

    Quality Assurance

    Carrier & supplier web portal

    No More Phone Calls!

    C3 Reservations empowers your carriers and vendors to manage their appointment requests to all your locations using the self-serve portal that carriers prefer most. The step-by-step approach allows first-time users to grasp the system without any training.

    Furthermore, the portal provides user management tools to ensure that carriers and suppliers can manage their own logins and passwords. It's available 24/7 so this can all happen while you sleep.

    Carrier and supplier web portal

    Intuitive scheduling interface

    Perform All Your Scheduling Tasks in Record Time

    With C3 Reservations, all your dock door schedules are managed with the click of a button. An intuitive calendar view, drag'n'drop functionality and real-time updates allow your schedulers to be the most productive.

    Intuitive scheduling interface

    Multilingual user interface

    Appointment, Rendez-Vous, Buchung, Cita

    C3 Reservations is fully translated into multiple languages. Within your own organization, individual users can access C3 Reservations in their own language. Plus, each site can have its own time zone ensuring enterprise-wide time integrity.


What to Expect

C3 Reservation will Rise your ROI

Our Customers gets results.

Reduction in phone calls / email / fax
Reduction in detention fees
Increase in dock productivity
Reduction in time spent scheduling
Increase in driver productivity
Reduction in fleet trailers ROI in less than 12 months


A tailored solution for your unique operational need

Hundreds of sites around the world are already using C3 Solutions’ Yard Management and Dock Scheduling solutions. Since 2000, we’ve developed an expertise in helping organizations with their yard and dock management challenges in 5 key markets, and our consultants understand the ins and outs of these industries and their competitive environments.

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20+ Years of Knowledge and Experience: We Proved Our Position as Best-of-Breed!

Our experts are knowledgeable and dedicated

    We have improved our goods receiving efficiency by 50%

    "We had several key criteria during our evaluation, the product needed to be easy to use for both our staff and our carriers and it needed to be easy to implement since we had limited IT resources at our disposal. With our implementation of C3's dock scheduling system, we have improved our goods receiving efficiency by 50%."

    C3 Reservations was the only product that was able to meet our strenuous requirements.

    "C3 Reservations was the only product that was able to meet our strenuous requirements. We knew that we needed an advanced appointment scheduling system we just didn't believe there was one out there."

    We were impressed with their work, both its quality and quantity

    "We all found the C3 Solutions' team extremely knowledgeable, not only about their product, but about the whole business area in which we work. We were impressed with their work, both its quality and quantity, their enthusiasm for the project and the level of commitment and support over the implementation period."

    C3 Reservations was a true turnkey solution, requiring no IT involvement from our side

    "C3 Reservations was a true turnkey solution, requiring no IT involvement from our side, and C3’s implementation team made it easy for us to get started right away. We also greatly appreciate their continued support in adapting C3 Reservations to our evolving needs."

A Worlwide Presence

Hundreds of sites around the world are already using C3 Solutions' Dock Scheduling and Yard Management solutions.