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How to Know It's Time to Invest In a Dock and Yard Solution

Supply chains, including dock and yard management and warehouse supervision, face significant challenges and have to deal with a seemingly never-ending string of disruptions and market fluctuations. From the increase in customer demands, dock scheduling needs, the steady rise of e-commerce, innovative retail shipping services, and just-in-time production practices, many challenges face the supply chain.

Warehouse management systems (WMS) have eased some of the burdens, and transportation management systems (TMS) have helped improve organization and logistics. However, the one part of the supply chain where the most delays tend to occur – the yard and its docks – has for far too long gone unaddressed and overlooked.  That is until now.


The Importance of Tech-Based Dock and Yard Schedule Management Cannot Be Overstated

Maintaining an effective schedule for the management and operation of the yard is vital for successful transportation and shipping in the modern-day market. Automation of standard dock and yard operations remains crucial from practical operations and procedures. The occurrence of any of these critical problems with the yard and dock management indicates a need to upgrade to tech-based processes:

  • Poor accountability regarding overseeing entry and exit passes and flow management.
  • Manual yard checking tends to lead to delays, misunderstandings, and bottlenecks.
  • The decline in supplier relationships throughout the supply chain collaborative network. 
  • Inefficient shunter processes that only add to higher costs for yard management.
  • Yard gridlocks occur often, and drivers always seem incapable of moving through efficiently.
  • Decreased throughput when it comes to overall drivers and loads handled.
  • A lack of connection and collaboration between yard and dock activities and services.

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Poor Management of Yard and Dock Operations Can Lead to Missed Opportunities and Lost Profits

Yard and dock management and operations can make or break the supply chain network as a whole. Poor control of this critical stage of transportation can lead to missed opportunities and lost profits. According to Supply Chain 24/7, scalability is everything in the highly competitive world of today's e-commerce driven market. Offering good products and services is no longer enough. Companies must evolve their operations to stay relevant. 

Truck and dollar sign-1For the dock and yard managers, this means embracing automated services and processes to streamline the overall functionality of dock scheduling and operations. Implementing new services and strategies while updating the platforms and technology utilized can help improve overall functionality. It also opens the door for increased chances for attaining shipper of choice designations. Not doing this is to miss out on growth opportunities, lead to a decrease in profits, and eventually end with stagnant growth and even ultimate decline.

Practical Ways Administration Can Improve Yard and Dock Management With Innovative Solutions

These complications with dock and yard management, though seemingly unavoidable, can be addressed with innovative solutions that take advantage of supply chain technology and automation. For instance, a few practical uses of improved management through technology include:

  • Competitive advantage that comes from decreased shipping delays and optimized dock scheduling.
  • Reduced risk of detentions and idle time due to better management of potential bottlenecks.
  • Improved eligibility for shipper-of-choice status and increased appeal to transportation providers.
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring to allow for faster detection of potential disruptions. 
  • Greater flexibility and visibility when disruptions occur and solutions need implementing.
  • Better management of flow in and out of the yard and improved dock scheduling protocols.
  • Automated alerts and notifications for faster communications and better decision making

Yard and dock scheduling resources and control significantly improve with state-of-the-art technology at the forefront of day-to-day operations.

Invest in Short-Term and Long-Term Supply Chain Health With a Practical Dock and Yard Management System

Supply chains, including dock and yard management supervisors, have dealt with significant challenges in recent times with the rise of e-commerce. Market volatility, shifting consumer habits, and increased shipping and transportation demands have put more pressure than ever on the supply chain's yards and docks. There is a delicate balance between meeting the short-term needs and goals of shippers and dock team members and the long-term goals of the supply chain.

The easiest and most effective way to achieve this balance is through a practical and technology-based management system. Connect with C3 Solutions to learn more today.

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