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How a Dock Appointment Scheduling System Increases Freight Visibility

As a dock manager, these individuals hold the key to the “dragon’s cavern.” A trove of goodies and riches, and in bulk, not to mention. A dock manager is a front line to protecting everything through the docks. Whether it’s from the elements or other people, the job is never easy, and it never stops. To make their job easier, management looks to a dock appointment scheduling system for better security. According to Manufacturing.net,

“ By comprehensively addressing the many challenges to dock operations — and taking advantage of state-of-the-art solutions to them — facilities managers can go a long way towards ensuring the safe and timely delivery of products moving through their system.”

And it’s essential to realize a few things about how the right system that applies automated processes can increase physical security and visibility into all activities. 

Underestimated Value of Dock Scheduling

Increased Planning of Gate and Yard Activity Results in Better Dock Management

What happens when there’s a schedule? Things will go as planned, right? Wrong. Things will go as anticipated for the most part. You can validate who’s coming into the yard at what time. You can schedule drives better to reduce dwell times and save money on both ends. If there’s a cancellation, it can be filled quickly, and that’s it. Security, money, and time are saved with dock appointment scheduling software and better managers because of it.

Dock Appointment Scheduling Helps to Improve Driver HOS Compliance Too

Due to hours-of-service (HOS) compliance regulations, many drivers are faced with choices between making more money that day or waiting for hours in an unforgiving line that kills off your time. For many drivers, it’s the obvious choice. They’d rather skip those with delays and find the best and fastest loads. In a sense, it goes back to warehouse optimization practices too. Managers that can get drivers out faster are preferred. Dock appointment scheduling system helps drivers assign their own time slots and rearrange them when necessary. The manager’s side is also flexible when there’s a late driver.

More Control in the Dock Improves Inventory Accuracy

If there’s a dock with an absent manager, there will be chaos afoot. Long lines and thievery could soar well above the roof at that point. Managers need to know what’s going on at every level of the dock. When a manager is well informed, they use every resource available. Using the dock appointment scheduling system, managers know all the driver’s loads’ details and instantly take inventory to make sure nothing is tampered with or stolen.

Cross-Docking May Require Multiple Carriers and Dozens of Pallets

For dock appointment scheduling software, cross-docking becomes a significant driver. With no packing and placing in storage, there are many security and fast processes affecting dock throughput. Cross-docking trucks can more easily be tracked with the dock appointment scheduling system. Meanwhile, their cargo comes through with fewer mishaps down the line. With security and speed on the line, everything a manager can get will help reduce risks and enhance safety for workers and shippers alike.

Maximize Supply Chain Visibility With a Connected Dock Appointment Scheduling System From C3 Solutions

Of the many functions available, the dock appointment scheduling system is crucial to managers’ visibility. The security and safety of cargo is a never-ending mission with the latest trends and technology coming through the warehouse. And since it all goes back to maximizing security and avoiding risks, a dock scheduling platform is the best way to optimize dock visibility and streamline operations. Stocking and driver efficiency are needed to maintain speed, but having the right dock software is another factor to consider when thinking about increasing visibility and reliability on the dock. Request a C3 Solutions demo to learn more today.

Underestimated Value of Dock Scheduling