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Improving Your Replenishment Cycle in Supply Chain With Dock Scheduling, YMS and More

The replenishment cycle in the supply chain holds many opportunities to improve. Some areas, such as dock scheduling and yard management system (YMS), can hold the key to increasing productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Accuracy and real-time visibility tend to be Achilles' heel in the supply chain industry.

The lack of these properties in the supply chain industry can be detrimental to businesses and supply chain experts. No need to fear; once recognized, it is easy to correct and improve on and is critical

The Costs of Lacking Replenishment Visibility

If the replenishment side of businesses does not meet expectations or have proper visibility, it can be pretty costly for the industry. Deloitte Insights believes automation is the future and provides cost-effective solutions to many issues plaguing today's supply chain industry. The replenishment cycle in the supply chain continues to prove to be an area for improvement within the industry. Truth be told, lacking replenishment visibility is costly. Some of the areas lacking include customer service failures, seasonality changes, stock miscounts, etc. Waiting for a team member to provide the same information that otherwise could be automatically refilled or done costs time. Time, ultimately, is money, and money is company growth.  

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Better Replenishment Reduces Stress on the Dock and Yard

The replenishment cycle in the supply chain, if lacking improvement, will throw the entire chain off. If one part of the supply chain is in disarray, it can quickly throw off other levels by not addressing the issues displayed where replenishment lacks, stresses on the dock, and the yard increase as well. Yard management quickly becomes victim to the lacking areas. Improving replenishment will improve inventory management. Proper freight visibility will open avenues to accessing the appropriate regions for stock in the yard.  Gaining this access also provides quicker access to information. 

checklist_-_transparencyTips to Improve Replenishment

The good news is that improving replenishment is doable and even simple. Improving the replenishment cycle in the supply chain can be easy if these tips are followed, such as: 

  • Start collecting data on replenishment. Recon is the very first step to success. Gather all pertinent information to improve any and all dysfunction. 
  • Expand transportation procurement. Limited options will lead to limited transport. If access is limited, it can be challenging to procure products and increase replenishment demands. 
  • Eliminate the confusion with a cloud-based, shared yard and dock management platform. Cloud-based information will consolidate all data. This will allow for all-access, both in person or remotely. 

Enhance the Replenishment Cycle in Supply Chain Processes With the Right Partner

The only accurate way to get all of the best bangs for your buck is by partnering with the right business. The replenishment cycle in the supply chain is far too important to leave to just anyone. One of the most important examples we have seen play out over the last six months is distributing the COVID-19 vaccine. If dock management was unclear, this could very well be a disaster. Vaccines are time-sensitive and subject to particular environmental factors. Unclear or disorganized management and dock scheduling can quickly lead to disaster for those distributing the vaccine and those receiving it. Request a C3 Solutions demo to get started.


Supply Chain Visibility White Paper CTA-4