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Must-Have Features in a Dock Scheduling Software

When looking at purchasing and implementing a Dock Scheduling System (DSS), it is important to throroughly evaluate the capabilities and features of the different systems on the market. To assist you through this process, we've come up with 8 must-have features that we believe are essential for any DSS. These features will add the most value to your operation and contribute significantly to achieving a successful return on investment.

A best-of-breed dock scheduling system should be able to offer you...


Management of multiple receiving and shipping sites should be part of the offering.

A web portal that is accessible by both carriers and suppliers is an important piece. This 24-7 self-serve option would allow them to book their own appointments and update the schedule as needed.

Dock Scheduling Software

The ability to customize constraints. Whether as simple as differentiating between palletized or non-palletized shipments, or with complex logic based on product type, POs, vendors, and more, you should be able to get a system that will work to the rules you set.

Standing appointments are key. With them you should be able to ou not only book the loading dock space, but also preconfigure the labor and space requirements in the warehouse. Configurable expiration dates also allow for cancellation and freeing up the slot for another user.

Web-based dock scheduling

Custom appointment durations will be helpful. If you have shipments that take longer or shorter times than standard, you can set parameters to customize the ones you need.

It should be possible to transmit automated notifications to users by email. Just about any action can be set to trigger a notification and you choose which users need particular notifications.

Document attachments functionality should be part of your dock appointment scheduling system package. Systems should be able to attach any kind of document to an appointment booking, from packing slips, to BoLs, POs and more.

Automation that may be adapted to your needs. Choose which carriers receive fully automated service and which need hands-on attention.

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