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How Much Time Are You Spending on Appointment Scheduling?

Have you ever wondered how much time it takes for your schedulers to book an appointment? Pretty straight forward, right? The answer can be obtained by asking these two simple questions.

  • How many touch points are required in order to complete an appointment?
  • What is the average duration of each touch point (minutes)?


Since 2012, these two questions have been part of an online tool offered by C3 Solutions to help companies calculate their ROI when switching their appointment booking process from a manual approach to an application such as C3 Reservations. By manual approach, we mean that the booking is requested via email or phone and the warehouse/store needs to enter the data on either a paper calendar, spreadsheet or software tool. The ROI calculator also considers factors such as amendments, labor costs, overtime labor, calls from internal customers, reporting and compliance; but that’s not the purpose of today’s blog.

Therefore I went through the ROI Calculator Reports that were submitted through our website since January 2012.

The average time per appointment is 15 minutes. However, when eliminating the bottom and top 10% of the data set, the average goes down to 10 minutes with a deviation of 6 minutes. This means that 68% of the companies who entered the data indicated that it takes them between 4 and 16 minutes to book an appointment.


How do you compare?


Interested to go a step further and know how much your company is currently spending on dock appointment scheduling every year?

Take 10 minutes to fill out our online ROI Calculator and you’ll receive a free report that will help you in your analysis process.

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