Creating an Environment for Excellence with People at the Center

C3 House

The C3 House concept revolves around a burning question brought on by a new way of life: “How does a company where employees genuinely enjoy spending time together maintain that close relationship while embarking on a hybrid work journey?”

The answer: A passion project centred around “the people,” any company’s biggest asset!
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While much of the corporate world has contented itself with “mandating” its employees’ return to the office, the C3 House got employees truly excited about coming back.
The C3 Recipe
A 10-Step
Provide The Gear

C3 made it a priority to provide employees with everything needed to create a comfortable and effective work environment (screens, chairs, webcams, adapters…).

Check-in With The Team

Mental and physical health surveys were periodically dispatched to monitor how everyone was adapting to working from home.

Encourage Functional Home Offices

C3 provided an optional service to have ergonomic designer visit each employee’s home office to consult with them on how to maximize their space for productivity and physical well-being.

Provide Health resources

C3 built “help kits” to aid in navigating new daily routines, inside and outside of work and the office.

Brainstorm for the future

Planning for C3’s next chapter kept employees and leadership excited about coming back and helped keep everyone motivated.

Design the house

Hiring a design firm that not only understood the future of modern office spaces, but was also able to inject C3’s DNA and culture into the design was of the utmost importance.

Establish A Baseline Schedule

A baseline schedule made sure all employees saw each other regulary, helping to keep our vibrant culture intact.

Provide The Freedom To Choose

C3 assigned every employee one mandatory office day a week, and the rest is at their discretion.

Implementing A Desk Booking App

C3 uses a work stations booking application to give employees visibility on who and when teammates are checking-in.

Reuniting the family

The last Thursday of every month is meant to be reserved for all employees to be at the office together.

Elise crevier
President of C3 Solutions
“ Once we knew our employees were doing well and that our business and our clients were stable, we felt we had spent enough time adapting to the pandemic. It was time to look forward, think differently, and start redesigning the future!”
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