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Retail Program

For the last 20 years, C3 has been globally recognized as pioneers in Dock Scheduling and Yard Management Software technologies. We’ve perfected the art of helping industry leaders strategically move through quickly changing landscapes so that operations maintain a competitive edge.

Here at C3, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping you plan your next move!

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C3 Solving for Retail

The Retail Industry is moving at a dizzying pace!

In order to play the game, companies need strong and optimized operations.

For the last 20 years, C3 Solutions has dedicated its efforts to elevate operations like yours through a tailor-made and powerful Yard & Dock Management technological platform – and our retail initiative is no exception.

Learn more about how C3 has helped retail leaders across the world:

  • Elevate their business
  • Quickly adapt to changes within their industry
  • Stay competitive and ahead of the competition

White Papers

A constantly evolving Supply Chain means that your operations need to evolve as well.
We’ve put together five white papers that discuss the latest tools and trends to help you not only stay in the game, but how to strategically win it.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Making machine learning analytics work for your retail operation.

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  • Retail Distribution Centres Automation

    Using technology to stay in - and win - the game.

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  • Emerging Digital Technologies for the Retail Supply Chain

    Strategic advantage or big question mark?

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  • Warehouse System Softwares

    The brains behind your retail operation.

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  • The Internet of Things: How IoT is Reshaping Retail

    The deal is in the data.

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Practical Guides

Get in-depth, practical information about C3’s Dock Scheduling Solution, C3 Reservations, and how it can streamline your Retail business.

You will learn about:

  • What a dock appointment scheduling system can do for you
  • Identifying your unique operational needs
  • Shopping for the right appointment system
  • Pitching an appointment management solution to senior management
  • Tips and tricks from the C3 pro’s for a successful implementation

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Dock Scheduling System

C3 Reservations: Solving for the Retail Industry with Appointment Scheduling

Case Studies

Learn how we are transforming operations all around the world with C3 Reservations.

Real-life case studies on two C3 clients who - for different reasons - needed a system that would:

  • Synchronize their communications
  • Automate their scheduling processes
  • Get them operating at optimal capacity
  • Provide a solid ROI

A One-off Installation Goes National Thanks To C3 Flexibility

Our customer is a national Grocery store chain operating more than 27 distribution centres, and ships almost two million units every week.

Inbound And Outbound Scheduling For A High-volume Retailer

With tens of thousands of outbound orders and an average of 100 truckloads every day, this electronics retailer needed a solution that would keep track of both inbound loads and outbound trucks.